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Directors and Members

Arena Director:    Mike Smith & Bogy Henderson
Chute Boss:    Chris Demo
Flaggers:       Mike Brewer, Scott Miller & Erin Lowe
Timers:    Laura Coleman & Meghan Coleman    
Rodeo/Arena Secretary:    Sue Henderson & Nikki Alexander
Website:  Nikki Alexander
Stock Contractor:    Burt Bros.
Judges:    Dean Miller and Dale TIngle
Announcer & Music:    Steve Smart
Queen Contest:   Sue Henderson and Kathy Lowe
Queen Judges:  Mike and Leigh Grider      
Lil' Miss Judges:  Jessica Fox and Kendall Eickmeyer
National Anthem:  Celia Harrah and Elter Bright
Nikki Alexander, Jerry & Ina Brewer, Crystal & Shawn Carter, Laura Coleman, Doug Deleray, Chris Demo,  Bogy & Sue Henderson, Troy Henderson,  Diana Kanakis, Mike & Kathy Lowe, Mitch McNelly, Kent Matz,  Scott Miller, Doug Oilar, Adam Pendergraft, Roger Phillips, Michael Smith, & Jennylynn Svejda

Honorary Members
Butch Trimm, Monte Smith, Lee Nellis,  Matt Jones, Dayton Smith, Stacey Gratreaks
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